Build Surface FAQs

How do I select the right build plate?

Selecting which build plate to print on is crucial to ensure proper adhesion of your print to the build plate. If a print does not stick well, you may run the risk of having a failed print.

When printing with low-temperature materials (extrusion temperature <260C), a Kapton® build plate is recommended. The AON-M2 High-Temperature Build Plate can also be used for printing low temperature materials.

When printing with high-temperature materials, a High-Temperature Build Plate is recommended.

For material-specific recommendations, check out our Materials pages.

Do I use Kapton® Tape on my High-Temperature Build Plate?

No! Our high-temperature build plate has good compatibility for all AON3D-validated materials.

Can I use my own Build Surface?

Yes, however we can only provide support with prints printed on an AON3D-purchased build plate.

Hardware modifications without prior written approval by AON3D may void your warranty coverage. Please contact AON3D Support at before making any modifications to your build plate.

Can I print directly onto an aluminum build plate?

No. Your print will not stick to bare aluminum. Ensure you have a proper surface coating, such as Kapton® Tape to make sure the polymer to sticks to the plate.

Why is it difficult to remove high-temperature materials from my build plate?

You may be printing too slow and/or at too high of a temperature. Check your slicer settings to avoid future recurrences of this nature. First layer speed can be adjusted in the Layer tab in Simplify3D and you can add a different temperature setpoint for the first layer in the Temperature tab.

First layer settings in the _Layer_ tab First layer extrusion temperature setting in the _Temperature_ tab

To remove your high-temp material from your high-temperature build plate, we recommend using a stiff spatula and a rubber mallet to remove stuck-on material.

Last modified: August 12, 2019