Maintenance FAQs

What is the expected lifetime of a heater block assembly?

There are several factors that will impact the lifetime of a hot end assembly which can lead to filament leakage. Some of these factors include leaving the machine at temperature for too long, improper print settings, or printing at improper speeds.

Low-temperature (ABS) vs. high-temperature (PEEK): If you are printing at high-temperature most of the time, you can expect your hot end assembly to experience quicker wear.

The expected lifetime of a hot end assembly is 100-200 hours of printing service.

What kind of grease should I use on my AON-M2?

All lubricants used on the AON-M2 have been tested for their chemical capability with respect to their specific motion components. The use of alternate lubricants may damage your printer components and, in turn, void your warranty.

Specific instructions for lubricating axis' are located in our Maintenance section.

XY AXIS Krytox GPL225
Z AXIS SuperLube HT/EP Syncolon® PTFE grease
EXTRUDER Loctite LB 8042

What kind of regular upkeep and maintenance do you recommend?

Please refer to the Maintenance section for recommendations on maintenance tasks.

Last modified: April 19, 2021