G-Code Cheat Sheet

The most frequently used G-code commands are listed below. Detailed instructions on the use of these commands can be found elsewhere in this manual. This sheet is intended as a memory aid for users already familiar with machine operating processes.

G-code input is case-sensitive. Make sure to capitalize all letters. A warning comes up if an invalid command is entered, and the invalid command is ignored. The warning does not stop an active print.

G-code Command Description
G0/G1 [Xnnn] [Ynnn] [Znnn] [Ennn] [Fnnn] Linear Move/Extrude
G28 Home Axes
G29 Probe Bed
M104 [Tx] [Snnn] Set Hot End Temperature
M114 Get Current Position
M220 [Snnn] Print Speed Override
M221 [Tx] [Snnn] Extrusion Rate Override
M140 [Snnn] Set Bed Temperature
M218 T1 [Xnnn] [Ynnn] Adjust X and Y Offsets
M290 [Znnn] Adjust Z Offset
T0/T1 Change Active Toolhead

Last modified: November 6, 2020