AON3D PrusaSlicer Installation

This document serves as a guide and introduction to AON3D PrusaSlicer. It covers setup instructions, file and profile management. The document aims to familiarize users with the slicer, enabling them to effectively utilize AON3D PrusaSlicer. PrusaSlicer is a free and open-source 3D slicing software that offers a wide range of features and settings to achieve enhanced quality parts.

Compatible PrusaSlicer release version: PrusaSlicer 2.7.4

Downloadable Assets

These files are required to set up the PrusaSlicer environment with the Hylo™ machine.

The .ini file is a configuration file that stores various settings for the machine and slicing profiles. These files contain parameters such build platform dimensions, filament settings, printing speeds, temperatures, and many other options that are used to generate G-code for validated material.

  1. Download the latest version of PrusaSlicer:
  2. Extract the downloaded file and run the application. For Windows, you will need to unzip the downloaded folder to run the prusa-slicer.exe file. Configuration Wizard
  3. Upon initial start-up, the PrusaSlicer Configuration Wizard is visible. Exit the wizard by clicking the Finish button.
  4. Delete the Prusa MK4 configuration:
    1. Go into Help → Show Configuration Folder
    2. Deleting all the files in the Vendor folder
  5. Install the latest Hylo™ configuration file: Import Hylo™ Configuration File
    1. Go into File → Import → Import Config Bundle…
    2. Select the hylo_config.ini file.
    3. All the pre-configured Printer, Filament and Printing settings will load into the PrusaSlicer user interface (UI).
  6. To change the bed visual: Bed Visuals
    1. Navigate to the Printer Settings tab
    2. Select General.
    3. Select the Advanced view on the top right.
    4. Select Bed shape.
    5. Load the hylo_surface.png file in the Texture section.
    6. Load the hylo_bed.stl in the Model section.
  7. You are all set with the latest version of AON3D’s Hylo™ Configuration for PrusaSlicer.

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Last modified: June 7, 2024