PrusaSlicer Changelogs

Version 1.2.3 (latest release)

v1.2.3 PrusaSlicer Configuration File
Release Date: June 2024


  • Added chamber preheating commands.
  • Added logic to lower chamber temperature from 80°C to 50°C if ABS parts are smaller than 50 mm x 50 mm.
  • Lowered bed temperature and first layer temperature of AON3D Readyprint™ PEI 9085 for more reliable printing on PPSU build platform.
  • Improved quality by disabling extra perimeters on overhangs.
  • Moved the purge lines towards the front of the bed as to not obstruct large builds.
  • Added logic which removes purge lines if the part exceeds 440 mm in Y-axis direction.
  • Added Hylo config release version to G-code output and to printer notes.
  • Added compatible printer conditions for each polymer - when selecting a flexible filament profile, only supported flexible filaments will be selectable.
  • Adjusted the minimum purge for all materials to a higher value when purging on the tower on dual toolhead profiles.
  • Increased the X-Y size of the purge tower to improve stability during tall prints.

New material added:

  • AON3D Readyprint™ Carbon Fiber PETG
  • AON3D Readyprint™ ASA
  • Xioneer VXL 111

Version 1.2.2

v1.2.2 PrusaSlicer Configuration file
Release Date: May 2024

Initial release.

Last modified: June 26, 2024