Build Plate Installation

Required Tools & Equipment

  • 3mm hex driver

The AON-M2 comes with a removable build plate, secured with a removable T-Block tab in front of the bed assembly.


With a 3 mm hex screwdriver, unscrew the two(2) M4 screws that hold the front tab.

Remove the tab.

Install the build plate by sliding it under the angled tabs, located on the sides of the bed assembly, until it hits the rear stopper block. It is sometimes easier to wiggle the build plate when sliding the build plate.

Replace the build plate locking tab, and tighten the two (2) M4 screws with a 3 mm hex screwdriver.

Build Plate Installed

When removing the build plate directly after a print job, the following parts will be very hot: the T-block tab, the build plate, and the bed assembly. Make sure to wear heat resistant gloves when removing or installing the build plate.

Last modified: August 8, 2019