Estimated time: 20 minutes

Required Tools & Equipment

  • A sharp blade
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Spirit level

Prepare off-loading ramp

The crate is equipped with a wooden ramp to unload the printer from its pallet. Removing the four (4) Phillips head screws on the box will deploy the ramp. The ramp is placed on the front side of the machine such that the printer can be unloaded in the same direction.

Off-Loading Ramp

Move AON-M2 onto the ground

Remove the protective packaging from the AON-M2.

There are four casters, one at each corner of the machine. Open the machine door to access the front two casters. Raise the feet by turning the screw clockwise on each caster.

Machine weighs over 250 kg. Be vigilant when removing the printer and use 2-3 people to conduct the following procedure.

Carefully push the unit off the pallet onto the off-loading ramp and unload to the floor.

Move the unit to its final destination.

Once there, lower the caster feet by reaching under the unit and turning the adjustment screw counter-clockwise.

If the floor is uneven, you may opt to use a spirit level to keep the unit level. Additionally, you can also find an app for your phone which uses the accelerometer to achieve the same effect.

Remove internal packaging and contents

Box Contents
A Cooling concentrate + funnel
B Build Plate(s) (as ordered)
C Quality check items, AC power cord, Kapton tape
D Accessories (as ordered)
E Starter Filament Spools (ABS)
F Filament (as ordered)

Each box also contains a packing list. Make sure to cross-reference the actual contents with the packing list and please contact us at help@aon3d.com if anything is missing.

Box A

Item Quantity
Coolant Concentrate 2
Funnel 1

Box B

Item Quantity
High-temperature build plate as ordered
Kapton tape build plate as ordered

Box C

Item Quantity
Factory QC checklist 1
QC Verification Print 1
AC Power Cord 1
Kapton Tape 1

Box D

Item Quantity
Master packing list 1
Heater block assembly, 0.25mm nozzle as ordered
Heater block assembly, 0.30mm nozzle as ordered
Heater block assembly, 0.40mm nozzle as ordered
Heater block assembly, 0.60mm nozzle as ordered
Heater block assembly, 0.80mm nozzle as ordered
Heater block assembly, 1.00mm nozzle as ordered
Heater block assembly, 1.20mm nozzle as ordered
Heat Break as ordered
Nozzle Wiper Brush as ordered
Nozzle Wiper Tab as ordered
Pt100 temperature sensor as ordered

Box E

Item Quantity
ABS 1kg 2

Box F

Depending on the order size, filament may ship separately.

Item Quantity
ABS, Black as ordered
ABS, Black as ordered
ABS, White as ordered
ABS, White as ordered
ASA, Black as ordered
ASA, Natural as ordered
HIPS, Black as ordered
HIPS, White as ordered
Carbon Fiber Nylon as ordered
Nylon as ordered
Ultem 9085 as ordered
Ultem Support as ordered
PEEK as ordered
Carbon Fiber PEEK as ordered
PEKK as ordered
Carbon Fibre PEKK as ordered

Last modified: August 12, 2019