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AON-M2 Machine Calibration

Hot-End Tuning

The temperature control of the two hot-ends uses a PID control loop. Seasonal swings in ambient operating temperature as well as changes to the system such as replacing components of the hot-end can change the thermal behaviour system as a whole.

In the Terminal window, enter M303 C5 E0 S250 U to run the automated PID tuning process and send M500 to save the values to EEPROM once complete.

The value of C determines the count of heating and cooldown cycles and should be set to 5 at minimum, however you may increase the cycle count if desired. Use E0 to tune T0 (left tool) and E1 to tune T1 (right tool).


The PID values for low-temperature printing (200ºC - 300ºC for materials such as ABS, nylon, and PC), will be different than for high-temperature printing (300ºC - 450ºC+ for Ultem™, PEEK, and other high performance materials).

See M303 for more details.