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AON-M2 Machine Setup

Install cooling circuit

You will need...

  • 4mm hex driver (for M5 bolts)
  • Wirecutters
  • A sharp blade (optional)

Remove the protective foam wrapping and packaging from all the components inside Box A.

Both the radiator and pump come with a loop of PVC tubing installed on the inlet and outlet to prevent residual water from leaking out during shipment. Once removed, these tubes can be kept as spares. When removing the tube from the fitting, it helps to jiggle the tube side-to-side and pull at the same time. Alternatively, as these tubes are just put in place for shipping, you may also take a sharp blade and cut the tube lengthwise over the fitting to make removal easier.

The rear panel also has a tube connecting the inlet and outlet to prevent leakage during shipping. Remove the tube from these push-to-fit connectors by pushing on the orange ring while simultaneously pulling on the tube.

Shipping Tube Removal

Mount the radiator assembly on to the rear panel in between the filament spool holder brackets that were installed earlier. Unscrew the 4 M5x8 SHCS pre-installed on the rear panel, and mount the radiator assembly with the fittings facing up.

Radiator Installation

Install the pump assembly between the filament detectors. Use the 4mm hex driver to unscrew the M5x8 SHCS and mount the pump. Make sure the fill port (black plastic cap with a cross slot) is oriented upwards when installing.

Pump Installation

3 other lengths of PVC tubing are provided in Box A - two with a grey fitting installed, and one without.

The shorter tube with the installed fitting connects the outlet port of the unit to the radiator inlet as shown below. Ensure that the end of the tube with the fitting goes all the way into the orange port.

First Tube

The tube with no fittings pre-installed connects the radiator outlet to the pump inlet (located near the bottom of the pump) as shown:

Second Tube

The final remaining tube connects the pump outlet (located near the top of the pump) to the printer inlet port. Once again, ensure that the fitting end goes into the orange port.

Third Tube

When installing, it's important to allow the tubing to follow its natural "curvature" as much as possible. Otherwise, the lines will kink and impede coolant flow.


Ensure that the tubes connected to the printer's inlet and outlet ports are fully seated, and do a pull-test to confirm. Failure to do so may result in leaks when the system is powered on.

last updated: 31/07/18