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AON-M2 Machine Setup

Install filament circuit

You will need...

  • 4mm hex driver (for M5 bolts)
  • 3mm hex driver (for M4 bolts)
  • Wirecutters

All the components required to install the filament spool mounting brackets and the filament runout detection system will be found in Box B.

The bolts required to mount all the hardware come pre-installed on the rear panel of the unit. Install the filament spool mounting brackets in the location shown in the below photo.

Rear Panel

Use an M4 driver to unscrew the 8 M5x8 BHCS bolts from the rear panel and install the 4 brackets included in Box B. Take note of the bracket orientation in the below image - the "hook" opening is facing upwards, and the L-bend on the brackets point inwards.

Spool Bracket

Repeat for the other pair of brackets.

Next, install the filament runout detectors.

The two PTFE tubes protruding from the rear panel are the filament feed tubes. Insert the tube ends into the push-fit connectors of the filament detectors on the arrow side as shown in the picture below. Push the tubing in as far as it can go (~46mm).

Feed Tube

The zipties on the feed tubes are to prevent them from slipping inside the machine during shipping and can be safely ignored, or cut off if you wish.

Unscrew the M4x12 SHCS bolts next to the feed tubes in order to mount the filament detectors. Note the orientation, and how filament is loaded through the sensor.

Filament Detector

The filament detector harness connects the two detectors together. Take the 3-position plug and insert into the side marked "In" on both detectors as shown in the photo below.

Detector Harness

The spool holder rod comes pre-assembled with two end caps each, with an M5 SHCS as a set screw to keep the end caps in place. Below is a photo of what the assembly should look like when loaded with a spool of material.

Spool Holder

last updated: 31/07/18