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AON-M2 Machine Setup


Even if you wish to keep your M2 offline, it will still require a local area network connection between the M2 and a workstation for uploading print files and controlling the machine!

Network Connection

The first time you power up your AON-M2, the control software will be in the default factory state. As the software is rapidly evolving, it is likely that the version on your machine will be out of date and requiring an update. To update the software, you will need to connect the machine to your network. There are two methods of doing this:

  1. Wired - using the ethernet port at the rear of the machine.
  2. Wireless - using the built-in WiFi capability.

We highly recommend that you connect the machine to your network using a wired connection if possible. It is far more reliable and will allow for easier remote troubleshooting if ever required.


All locations will have a slightly different network topology, so the following instructions may not be appropriate for your installation. Please consult your network administrator if you are unsure, and as always, feel free to email

1. Wired

To connect using a wired connection, connect the machine to your network using a standard ethernet cable, the same way you would a normal computer on the network. The only requirement is that your network has a DHCP server to assign the machine an IP address.


Throughout the user interface, you will see question mark icons - you can tap or click on these to see more information about the associated setting.

2. Wireless

On the machine touchscreen, navigate to the settings page, then the network tab. Tap on the input box for WiFi SSID, type in the name of your wireless network, the tap the enter key to submit. Next, tap on the WiFi Password input box, type in your password, then tap the enter key to submit. Once you have entered your SSID and password, tap the Save button at the bottom of the screen.


On future visits to the network settings page your password will never be displayed so as not to leak private data to connected clients.

Mobius Settings Page

Once connected, the software will download any updates if available. To complete installation while the machine is on, navigate to the settings page, then on the updates tab, a button will be shown to install and restart the machine, if any updates have been downloaded. After the device has rebooted, you will need to set the machine hostname.

Machine Name

The machine control interface can be accessed from computers on the same network by visiting either the mDNS URL contructed using the machine name, or alternatively, the device IP address. By default, the hostname is set to http://aon3d.local, but it is advised to change it to a string containing letters, numbers, underscores (_) or dashes (-). If you are using a computer running Windows, you will need to install Bonjour Print Services to enable mDNS service discovery. If you do not want to install this, you can still access your machine control page by visiting the machines assigned IP address directly as displayed in the settings -> about tab.


For unknown reasons, mDNS and Bonjour service discovery sometimes will not work properly on computers running Windows. This appears to be an unresolved bug in Windows. If you encounter this issue, please fallback to using the device IP address.

On the machine, navigate to the settings -> network page, and tap on the input box for Machine Name, then type in the machine name you wish to use, and tap the enter key to submit. This name can only be made up of letters, numbers, underscores (_) and dashes (-). Once you have input the machine name, tap the Save button at the bottom of the screen.

You will see the Machine URL on the about tab update to reflect the url you may visit the machine control interface from a computer connected to the same network.

If for policy or other reasons you are not able to connect the M2 to a network with internet access, you will need to contact us to make separate arrangements to allow for regular updates of the software and also the ability for us to provide technical support.


Although the AON-M2 is internet-enabled, no ports are exposed outside of your local area network, and all updates and troubleshooting support is conducted through a secure VPN. For more information regarding the technical security details, please email

Once you have completed these setup steps, visit either the machine url or machine ip in a modern browser to begin using your AON-M2.


Mobius provides a simple client based authorization scheme to require clients (i.e., browsers on a workstation) to be explicitly authorized access. When you visit your machine's control page for the first time, you will be prompted to input a client name. This should be the name of either the user, or workstation attempting to connect. Once this request has been submitted, you must navigate to the settings -> clients tab on the machine touchscreen and tap on the authorize button next to the appropriate client name. This authorization flow is likely to evolve over time and become more comprehensive.


While the client authorization scheme used is cryptographically secure, it does not replace physical and network security for your machine. If you are working in a large enterprise with many employees who should not have access to the machine, it is advisable to use a dedicated network or subnet, and install the machine in a secure location.

If you wish to disable authorization, navigate to the settings -> network tab, and toggle the switch for Device Authorization.

last updated: 31/07/18