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AON-M2 Machine Setup

Power up

Take the electrical harness found in Box A and plug the circular connector into the rear panel of the electrical enclosure. The circular connector is keyed so that it cannot be plugged in the wrong orientation. Twist to tighten and lock the harness in place.

Install CPC

Take the small 3-position pin connector on the other end of the same harness and plug it into the filament detector on the left hand side of the machine (when facing it from the rear) where it says "Out".

Sentinel to Enclosure

The harness has a power connector for the cooling fans on the radiator assembly (this is the longer of the two remaining lines). Plug this in.

Radiator Power

There is a third remaining connector on the electrical harness intended for the coolant pump. Do not plug this in yet.

Take the AC power cord from Box E. Plug the rectangular end into the rear panel of the electrical enclosure and the other end into a matching L6-20R receptacle. The power cord comes with a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) installed in-line as a safety measure. Ensure that this has not tripped by pressing the green button.

GFCI Check


Do not make any attempts to bypass the GFCI function on the power cord. AON3D cannot guarantee proper function of product nor the health and safety of operators if this mechanism is tampered with.

Power on the machine using the switch located at the back.

Power On


  • Is the machine powered on?
  • Do the radiator fans start running?
  • Is the chamber interior lighting on?
  • Is the touchscreen interface powered on and loading the AON3D logo?

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last updated: 31/07/18