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Axes Lubrication

Axes Lubrication

You will need...

  • High-temperature white lithium grease
  • Lint-free cloth
  • Foam brush (optional)

Turn the printer on and deactivate the stepper motors.

Use a lint-free cloth or foam brush to apply white lithium grease to the X and Y linear guides, spreading a thin layer across the entire length. Move the gantries along their full length to further distribute the grease.

Use the lint-free cloth to wipe off any excess grease that collects on the linear guide blocks.

Similarly for the Z axis, use a lint-free cloth or foam brush to apply a thin layer of lithium grease along the length of the four linear shafts. Do not apply on the leadscrews.

Home the Z axis, actuate it down the full length of travel, and home once more to bring it to the top.


White lithium grease has been specifically selected for its chemical compatibility with motion components. The use of alternate products may damage your printer components and will void your warranty. The white lithium grease should be rated to service temperatures above 150°C.