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Draining the cooling circuit

Draining the cooling circuit

You will need...

  • A bucket
  • Distilled Water, >2L
  • Coolant Concentrate
  • 3mm hex key
  • Hand vacuum pump


Unplug the printer's power cord entirely from the rear of the unit before undertaking this procedure.

Place your bucket beneath the radiator at the rear of the printer. A 5 gallon plastic paint bucket works well and is widely available. Use the 3mm hex key to undo the M4 bolts securing the radiator assembly to the rear panel of the printer.

Remove the black cap on the pump reservoir.

Carefully remove the tube that leads from the printer directly into the radiator on the radiator side. Let the water drain into the bucket. Remove the other tube on the radiator, and let the water drain. Turn the radiator upside down and let the water drain from it.

Remove the tube connecting the pump/reservoir to the printer on the pump side. Use your hand vacuum pump in the pressurize mode to force air into the cooling circuit and push water out of the printer outlet tube.

To refill, follow the instructions here.