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AON-M2 Site Requirements

Safety & Environment


All materials officially supported by AON3D do not pose a health or safety hazard when used under standard operating conditions. However, certain individuals with increased sensitivity may find that the use of certain materials emit odours they find unpleasant. AON3D recommends that the M2 be operated in a room with adequate ventilation. A rough guideline is 4 ACH or more.

Ambient operating temperatures

The ambient temperatures around the AON-M2 should be between 15°C and 25°C.

Ambient humidity

The relative humidity should be 30-70%, non-condensing.

Other environmental considerations

The AON-M2 should not be operated in an area with potential for EMI such as near high-powered radio devices, industrial motors, etc.

AON3D is not responsible for ensuring that you meet any other local, regional, state, or national regulations that may apply specifically to your situation.

last updated: 31/07/18