To keep the machine operating properly, and to extend its service life, we recommend the following maintenance schedule.

The frequency at which you will need to perform preventive maintenance tasks will vary depending on how much you run the machine, the temperature you run it at, and if you use one or two toolheads. Your machine will require maintenance more often when operating consistently at high temperature. It will also require maintenance more often with a high number of printing hours.

Preventive Maintenance Plan

The following schedule is based on an average printing time of 30 hours a week at a chamber temperature of 120°C or less.

Daily Weekly Monthly Yearly
Clean the build chamber X
Linear Rails, Linear Shafts, and Lead Screws Inspection for Contamination X
Cooling Block Set Screw Inspection X
Hot End RTD Inspection X
Build Plate Inspection X
Microswitches Inspection and Tightening X
Belt Tension Inspection and Adjustment X
Y-Idlers Belt Movement Inspection X
Wiper Brush and Wiper Blade Inspection. X
Halogen Bulbs Inspection. (AON-M2 2020 only) X
Coolant Level Fill X
Z-Axis Lubricant Inspection X
Microswitches Inspection X
X and Y Axes Perpendicularity Inspection X
Radiator and Fan Cleaning X
Clean and lubricate the XY-axes X
Clean and lubricate the Z-axis X
Clean and lubricate extruders X
Drain and replace coolant. Clean cooling circuit as needed. X

Last modified: March 12, 2021