To keep the machine in correct operation, and to extend its service life, AON3D recommends the maintenance schedule that follows.

The machine will require maintenance at a higher frequency when operating consistently at high temperature and with a high number of printing hours. The frequency at which preventive maintenance is performed will vary on the factors that follow:
• Print and/or travel speeds.
• Hot end and/or build chamber temperature settings.
• Number of toolheads being used.

Preventive Maintenance Plan

The schedule that follows is based on an average printing time of 30 hours a week at a chamber temperature of 120°C (248°F) or less.

Daily Weekly Monthly Yearly
Clean Build Plate and Build Chamber X
Linear Components and Lead Screws Inspection for Contamination X
Cooling Block Set Screw Inspection X
Hot End RTD Inspection X
Build Plate Inspection X
Microswitches Inspection and Tightening X
Belt Tension Inspection and Adjustment X
Y-Idlers Belt Movement Inspection X
Wiper Brush and Wiper Blade Inspection X
Halogen Bulbs Inspection X
Coolant Level Fill X
Z-Axis Lubricant Inspection X
Microswitches Testing X
X and Y Axes Perpendicularity Inspection and Adjustment X
Clean Radiator and Cooling Fans X
Clean and Lubricate XY-Axes X
Clean and Lubricate Z-Axis X
Clean and Lubricate Extruders X
Drain and Replace Coolant X
Replace the two Z-axis microswitches X

Last modified: June 28, 2021