Install New Chamber Halogen Bulb

This procedure applies to the AON-M2 2020 only.

Required Tools & Equipment

  • blue halogen bulb G5.3, 220V, 50W
  • eye protection
  • close fitting gloves
  • 2.5 mm hexagonal driver or 2.5 mm allen key
  • 90° long nose pliers
  • flathead screwdriver
  • stool for sitting comfortably
  • work light

Do not touch the halogen bulbs with your bare hands. They can get very hot when in use and the oil from your skin can create a hot spot that shortens the life of the bulb and may cause it to break.


The halogen light and metal surfaces close to the light will be very hot if the light was recently used. Allow the area to cool sufficiently to ensure safe handling.

  1. Power off the machine using the switch located at the back of the machine and then unplug it from the power source.

    Use the green switch to power off the machine

  2. Move the gantry and toolheads to the back and sides of the machine. Lower the bed from its home position by 200 mm. This will maximize the available work space inside the machine.

Remove light cover (and light bulb)

Chamber light

  1. With the 2.5 mm hexagonal driver or 2.5 mm allen key, remove the M3x6 screw to allow the light fixture to release from the ceiling of the machine. Set the screw aside for later use.

  2. Grasp the end of the end light fixture where the screw was positioned and gently tug the light down to loosen it from the ceiling of the printer. The opposite end of the light should remain in position.

  3. Press the latch with the flathead screwdriver until the light cover releases. The latch will be accessible after gently tugging the fixture down from the ceiling of the machine.

    The latch is highlighted in red

  4. If a bulb is present, use the 90° long nose pliers to gently grasp the base of the bulb and tug the bulb straight out of the fixture. Be careful not to break the glass base.

The halogen bulbs are made of glass and could shatter if mishandled. Be sure to wear appropriate gloves and exert caution while replacing them.

Replace the bulb

  1. With clean gloves, align the pronged end of the new halogen bulb with the light socket and gently press into position.

    Install the bulb here

  2. Make sure the metal clip is correctly positioned on the light cover.

    The light cover has a metal clip

    The concave side of the light cover must be positioned closest to the bulb.

  3. Place the end of the light cover without a clip in the metal bracket.

    Place the cover in the bracket

  4. Tilt up the opposite end of the light cover and press the entire cover towards the light box until you hear a click.

  5. With the 2.5 mm hexagonal driver or 2.5 mm allen key, replace the M3x6 screw and hand tighten.


Plug the machine into the power source and power it on. When successfully installed, the light will immediately turn on.

Last modified: March 13, 2020