Microswitches Testing

Model [X] AON-M2 [X] AON-M2 2020
Category [X] Preventive [ ] Corrective [ ] Troubleshooting


This procedure is part of the monthly preventive maintenance. This procedure gives detailed instructions on how to do make sure the microswitches are functional. For a simple visual inspection, or to tighten the microswitches, refer to the daily microswitches inspection.

This procedure gives the instructions on how to do an inspection and how to tighten the microswitches. Microswitches in good condition prevent:

  • Unwanted contact between the moving parts.
  • Unaccurate reference points.
  • Layers that are not equal.

Personal Protective Equipment

Qty Description Specification
1 Safety Glasses N/A

Prepare the Machine

  1. Home XYZ.
  2. Lower the Z-axis by 300 mm.
  3. Move the Y-axis by 200 mm towards the back of the machine.
  4. Wait until the build chamber, build plate and hot ends are at room temperature.

Microswitches Testing

Allow all machine components to reach room temperature prior to proceeding further. Failure to allow components to cool down will result in thermal injury (burns) to personnel.

  1. On the operator interface, go to the terminal tab (7). Command Page
  2. Enter the M18 command. This will prevent the axes from moving.

    Make sure the M18 command is active. This prevents the parts in the machine to move. Do not home the axes as the motors will re-engage automatically. Failure to do so can cause injuries.

  3. Open the door of the machine.
  4. Manually move T0 and T1 to the center of the linear rail.
  5. Enter the M119 command (8). This shows the state of each microswitch. MS1
  6. Record the condition of each microswitch.
  7. Do a test for the T1 X-axis microswitch (9): MS1
    1. With your hand, press the microswitch.
    2. At the same time on the user interface, enter the M119 command.
    3. Make sure that the microswitch condition changes.
    4. If the microswitch condition does not change, replace the microswitch.
  8. Do the step 7 again with these microswitches:
    1. T1 probe microswitch (10).
    2. Right-side Y-axis microswitch (11).
    3. Right-side build-table microswitch (12). MS4
    4. T0 X-axis microswitch (19).
    5. T0 probe microswitch (13).
    6. Left-side Y-axis microswitch (14).
    7. Left-side build-table microswitch (15). MS5 MS8

Test and Return to Service

  1. Home XYZ.

Last modified: July 7, 2021