Radiator and Fan Cleaning

Model [X] AON-M2 [X] AON-M2 2020
Category [X] Preventive [ ] Corrective [ ] Troubleshooting


This procedure gives the instructions on how to clean some rear cooling components of the machine. Clean cooling components prevent:

  • Temperatures that are too hot in the cooling system.
  • Temperatures that are too hot in the machine components.
  • Clogged hot ends of T0 and T1.


Qty Description Specification
1 Vacuum N/A
1 Wet Cloth Lint-free

Personal Protective Equipment

Qty Description Specification
1 Safety Glasses N/A

Prepare the Machine

  1. Turn the machine off completely with the rear ON/OFF switch (1). On/Off Switch
  2. Wait until the build chamber, build plate and hot ends are at room temperature.

Radiator and Cooling Fans Cleaning

  1. With a vacuum, clean the radiator and radiator fans (2) to remove contamination. Radiator and Fans
  2. With a vacuum, clean the four cooling fan grills (3) to remove contamination. Electrical Enclosure Fans
  3. With a wet cloth, clean the remaining of the contamination on the radiator, the radiator fans and the cooling fan grills.
  4. Do the steps 1. to 3. again as many times as necessary to correctly clean the radiator, radiator fans and the cooling fan grills.

Test and Return to Service

  1. Turn the machine back on with the rear ON/OFF switch.
  2. Make sure the flow of air is good.
  3. Heat the build chamber to 100ºC.
  4. After 15 minutes, do the steps that follow:
    1. Make sure that no unusual sounds come from the cooling fans.
    2. Make sure there are no coolant leaks.

Last modified: March 12, 2021