Software Update

The latest firmware version is 20.06.19
The latest application version is 3.0.4
Keeping your software up-to-date ensures you always have the newest features, improvements, and bug fixes.

Our software team releases regular updates for the proprietary software on your AON-M2. Software updates include improvements and new features for the user interface, improvements in print quality and overall stability of the machine, and of course, bug fixes.

A notification email with release notes is sent out whenever a new update is available. If you think you may not be receiving these emails, please reach out to our Customer Success team at and we will make sure you are on the list.

Updates Tab

In the user interface, navigate to the Settings -> Updates tab. Here you can view the current software on your machine and the update status. When an update is available, you can install it from this tab.

Software Update tab

When reaching out to our team for technical support, it is helpful to confirm the firmware and application versions running on your machine.

If you are not able to connect your machine to a network that can make outgoing requests to our servers, we offer a service to receive offline updates. This service is offered free of charge for all Success Plan customers. Please contact for more information.

Installing an Update

The installation process requires the machine to reboot, so updates are initiated manually by the user. You can choose to install whenever you are ready so as to not interfere with active print jobs.

When you receive the email notification that a software update is available, follow the instructions below to download and install the update.

  1. If it is not already connected, connect your machine to your network to download the update. Network Connection instructions can be found in the Installation section.

  2. Once connected, the update will automatically begin downloading. In the user interface, navigate to the Settings -> Updates tab to check the update status. Wait until the update is finished downloading.

    Download in progress

  3. Tap “Install and Restart” to install the update and restart the machine. Do not attempt to operate the machine or power it off during the installation process.

    Updating the software requires the machine to remain powered during the whole installation process. This ensures all the software data is properly written to its respective devices. Do not turn off or reboot the machine.
    If the machine loses power for any reason during the process, the SD card will be corrupted. Please contact for help.

    Download and install the update

  4. The machine will reboot on its own and the screen will go black. This is normal.

    If the screen remains black for more than 30 minutes, reboot the machine with the switch at the back by powering it off for one minute, then turning it back on.
    Contact if this occurs.

  5. Eventually the user interface comes back with the status “Updating firmware. Do not turn off the machine.” in the Status bar along the top of the screen. Wait for the update to install completely.

    Firmware update in progress

  6. Once the status shows “Idle” for at least 30 seconds, the machine has finished installing the update.

    Idle status

  7. Check the Settings -> Updates tab to confirm your machine displays the latest software version(s).

If you have any feature requests, or encounter any bugs, please do not hesitate to contact our support team at to raise a bug report.

Last modified: July 9, 2020