Y-Idlers Belt Movement Inspection

Model [X] AON-M2 [X] AON-M2 2020
Category [X] Preventive [ ] Corrective [ ] Troubleshooting


This procedure gives the instructions on how to do an inspection of the Y-axis idlers. Components in good condition prevent:

  • Rough belt operation
  • Layers that are not equal
  • Loud noises during movement
  • Vibrations during movement
  • Belt damage

If your machine is equipped with an older version of the Y-idlers, it is strongly recommended to upgrade your machine with improved components. The Y-Idler Field Upgrade Kit is provided at no cost as a one time upgrade to all AON-M2 and AON-M2 2020 owners. Please reach out to our Customer Success team at help@aon3d.com and provide your company name and serial number found on the plate at the back of your machine.

Personal Protective Equipment

Qty Description Specification
1 Safety Glasses N/A

Prepare the Machine

  1. Home XYZ.
  2. Lower the Z-axis by 200 mm.
  3. Push the E-stop button.
  4. Wait until the build chamber, build plate and hot ends are at room temperature.

Y-Idlers Inspection

  1. With your hand, try to move the left-side Y-idler (1) and make sure it is not loose.
  2. Make sure there is no damage on the left-side Y-idler. Left Y-Idler
  3. Do steps 1 and 2 again with the right-side Y-idler.
  4. If there is damage on one or the two Y-idlers, or if they are not tight, go directly to step 10. If not, continue with step 5.
  5. Close the door of the machine.
  6. Release the E-stop button.
  7. Home XYZ.
  8. Do the steps 5.a. to 5.d. to change the Jog value of the machine. Motion Menu
    1. With the operator interface, go to the Motion menu (2).
    2. Select the Left Tool (3).
    3. Set the Jog Distance (4) to 100 mm.
    4. Set the Jog Speed (5) to 10000 mm/min.
    5. Push the +Y arrow (6) three times to move the Y-axis to the back of the build chamber.
  9. Do the steps that follow at the same time:
    1. On the operator interface, push the XY button (7) to set the X-axis and Y-axis to their home position.
    2. When the Y-axis moves, look at the two Y-idlers (1) and make sure that: Left Y-Idler and Belt
      1. The belt (8) movement is smooth.
      2. There is no loud or unusual noises from the Y-idler.
      3. The Y-idler has no vibration.

        You can do the step 9 again as necessary.

  10. If the Y-idler inspection is not satisfactory, do one of these steps:
    1. If one or two Y-idlers are damaged, replace the Y-idler(s).
    2. If the Y-idlers are not damaged, adjust the belt tension. Refer to Belt Tension Inspection and Adjustment.

Test and Return to Service

  1. Home XYZ.

Last modified: March 12, 2021