Test Microswitches (M2+)

Model [] AON M2+ (CE) [] AON M2+ (R-NZ) [] AON M2+ [ ] AON-M2 2020 [ ] AON-M2
Category [] Preventive [ ] Corrective

For instructions on how to test XYZ-axes and probe microswitches found on the AON-M2 and the AON-M2 2020, refer to the Test Microswitches procedure.


This procedure is part of the monthly preventive maintenance routine.

The procedure that follows gives instructions on how to:

  • Test the two X-axis microswitches
  • Test the two Y-axis microswitches
  • Test the two Z-axis microswitches.

Estimated time: 30 minutes

Microswitches in good condition prevent:

  • Unwanted interference between the XYZ-axes when movements occur.
  • Incorrect XYZ-axes reference points.
  • Unsatisfactory print layer quality.


None required.


None required.

Personal Protective Equipment

Qty Description Minimum Specification
1 Safety Glasses N/A
A/R Nitrile Gloves ISO 2859-1 or ASTM D6319

Prepare the Machine

Make sure that there are no prints on the build surface. Remove print(s) before the procedure that follows is started. Failure to do so can cause a collision and cause damage to the machine component(s).

  1. Home XYZ.
  2. Lower the Z-axis by 300 mm.
  3. Wait until the build chamber, build platform and hot ends are at room temperature.

Test Microswitches

Wait until all machine components are at room temperature before you continue. Some machine components can be hot if the machine was recently used. Failure to do so can cause injuries.

  1. On the Graphical User Interface (GUI), select Terminal.
  2. Input the M18 command and select enter. This will disable all the machine steppers motors.

Make sure the M18 command is active. This will disable all the machine stepper motors. Do not home the axes as the motors will re-engage automatically. Failure to do so can cause injuries and/or cause damage to machine components.

  1. Open the build chamber door.
  2. Manually move the selected toolhead to the center of the X-axis linear rail.
  3. On the GUI, input M119, and select enter. The M119 command will show the present condition of all microswitches.
  4. Record the condition of the six microswitches.
  5. To test the left Z-axis microswitch (5), do as follows:
    1. Use your finger to lightly compress left Z-axis microswitch (5) actuator, and the same time, input M119 on the GUI/web browser.
    2. Make sure that the microswitch condition changes to TRIGGERED.
    3. Release the left Z-axis microswitch (5) actuator (5), and make sure that the microswitch condition changes to open.
    4. Do steps 5a to 5c three times to make sure that the left Z-axis microswitch (5) operates correctly.
    5. If the microswitch condition does not change, replace the microswitch. M119
  6. Do step 5 for the microswitches that follow:
    • The two X-axis microswitches found on T0 (1) and T1 (2).
    • The two Y-axis microswitches (3)(4).
    • The right Z-axis microswitch (6).

The two Z-axis probe microswitches (7)(8) are found only on the AON-M2 and AON-M2 2020 models.

Test Microswitches Test Microswitches Test Microswitches

Replace Defective Microswitches

Test and Return to Service

  1. Close the build chamber door.
  2. Home XYZ.

Last modified: January 18, 2023