A filament feed path upgrade kit is available to purchase.
This upgrade lowers the friction between the filament and the PTFE tube allowing the material to freely move to the extruder. It also increases the bending radii of the feed path, reducing the risk of the filament breaking inside the feed tube.
Please contact our Customer Success team at for special pricing.

Thinking about printing with AquaSys™120? We’ve recently added this material - get in touch with our Customer Success team at for more information.

While you are free to use any brand and type of material you wish on your AON3D machine, we can only provide support for AON3D-approved materials that we have tested and developed processes for in-house, all of which can be purchased from AON3D directly by contacting

General Process Settings

Setting Value
Extrusion Temperature 220-245ºC
Bed Temperature 80-130ºC
Chamber Temperature 80ºC

Usage Notes

AquaSys™120 is recommended for use as a support material.

Build Surface Preparation

AquaSys™120 prints best on the AON-M2 High-Temperature Build Plate. Wipe down the build surface with isopropanol before use.

Note that PEI surface of the High-Temperature Build Plate should be periodically resurfaced using a mill, or with an orbital palm sander if no milling services are available.

Please contact if you currently have an AON-M2 Aluminum Build Plate and would like to upgrade to the AON-M2 High-Temperature Build Plate.

Filament Drying and Moisture Control

AquaSys™120 is susceptible to moisture uptake. The filament can be dried in a convection oven at 80ºC overnight (minimum 8 hrs). Always store unused material in a sealed container with silica desiccant.

For more information, see the Filament Drying and Moisture Control page.

Material Post-Processing

AquaSys™120 is soluble when submerged in standard tap water.

Immerse in warm water and use a small brush to remove softened material. The use of warm water (70-80ºC) increases the dissolution rate.

Used water is disposable in sewer systems unless otherwise specified.

Model Material

AquaSys™120 is compatible with Nylon and CF Nylon as a soluble support material.

Last modified: February 4, 2021