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While you are free to use any brand and type of material you wish on your AON3D machine, we can only provide support for AON3D-approved materials that we have tested and developed processes for in-house, all of which can be purchased from AON3D directly by contacting

General Process Settings

Setting Value
Extrusion Temperature 270-290ºC
Bed Temperature 140-150ºC
Chamber Temperatures 100ºC

Usage Notes

Build Surface Preparation

PC prints best on Kapton film. Wipe down the surface with isopropanol before use.

Material Pre-treatment

PC is mildly susceptible to hydration. When not in use, please store in a sealed package or container with dessicant. Material may require bakeout prior to use, 4-6 hrs at 100 C is recommended. Take care to check the spool material of your filament prior to baking your material. Some vendors use low temperature materials for spools which may melt or deform at bakeout temperature.

Please contact for any questions on this matter.

Support Material

There is currently no compatible support material for PC - prints will require self-support.

Sample Slicer Profiles

Single Extruder