Polycarbonate (PC)

While you are free to use any brand and type of material you wish on your AON3D machine, we can only provide support for AON3D-approved materials that we have tested and developed processes for in-house, all of which can be purchased from AON3D directly by contacting help@aon3d.com.

General Process Settings

Setting Value
Extrusion Temperature 270-290ºC
Bed Temperature 140-150ºC
Chamber Temperature 100-120C

Usage Notes

Build Surface Preparation

PC prints best on the AON-M2 High-Temperature Build Plate, but can be printed directly on Kapton tape with the use of a wide brim. Wipe down the build surface with isopropanol before use. Note that PEI surface of the High-Temperature Build Plate should be periodically resurfaced using a mill, or with an orbital palm sander if no milling services are available. Please contact help@aon3d.com if you currently have an AON-M2 Aluminum Build Plate and would like to upgrade to the AON-M2 High-Temperature Build Plate.

Filament Drying and Moisture Control

PC is mildy susceptible to moisture uptake. The filament can be dried in a convection oven at 80ºC overnight (minimum 6-8 hrs), or at 110ºC for 4 hours. Always store unused material in a sealed container with silica desiccant.

For more information, see the Filament Drying and Moisture Control page.

Support Material

There is currently no compatible support material for PC - prints will require self-support.

Sample Slicer Profiles

Single Extruder, 0.6mm nozzle

Last modified: February 4, 2021