Filament Change For Filament Runout Detection (FRD) Feature

Model [] AON M2+ (CE) [] AON M2+ (R-NZ) [] AON M2+ [] AON-M2 2020 [] AON-M2
Category [ ] Installation [] Operation [ ] Maintenance


The procedure that follows gives instructions on how to use the Graphical User Interface (GUI) Wizard when the FRD Feature has been triggered:

  • Remove the filament from the feed path.
  • Change the roll of filament.
  • Put the filament into the feed path to return the machine to service.

Estimated time: 15 minutes


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1 Wire Cutters N/A

Parts Information

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A/R Filament, Roll N/A

Reach out to our Customer Success team at to purchase rolls of filament.

Return to Service

Do not touch the hot end(s) when toolhead heater(s) are ON. The temperature(s) in the hot end(s) can range from 200°C-450°C (390°F-840°F) and can cause injury if touched.

When there is no filament in the selected feed path, the steps that follow occur:

  1. The filament runout sensor tells with the Filament Runout Detection (FRD) Feature that there is no filament.
  2. The FRD Feature automatically pauses the print.
  3. The GUI tells the operator that there is no filament in the feed path.
    • The GUI gives the operator the choice to Stop Print or Swap Filament. Initial Notification Screen
  4. After the operator has selected Swap Filament, the GUI instructs the operator on how to change the roll of filament. Step 1/5 Filament Change

    Make sure the roll of filament is positioned as such that the filament is looped, and fed, from the back once installed. Incorrect orientation will cause print failures and/or damage to the feed path.

    Filament Roll Orientation Filament Roll Orientation on Filament Dry Storage and Feed System Step 2/5 Filament Change Step 3/5 Load and Purge Step 4/5 Filament Change
  5. The machine can now be returned to service. Step 5/5 Resume

Last modified: January 26, 2023