Vacuum Tab

The Vacuum tab is only applicable to the AON M2+ (CE), AON M2+ (R-NZ) and AON M2+ machines.

The Vacuum tab allows the user to start and stop the Vacuum Bed.

Vacuum Tab

  1. Vacuum Bed
  2. Vacuum Controls
  3. Vacuum Status

Vacuum Bed

Enables or disables the vacuum bed. Touch the toggle to switch between enabled and disabled.

  • When the feature is ON, the toggle is green and the controls are enabled.
  • When the feature is OFF, the toggle is gray and the controls are disabled. Vacuum Disabled

Vacuum Controls

Control to start or stop the vacuum pump.

  • Touch Start to start the vacuum pump.
  • Touch Stop to stop the vacuum pump.

Vacuum Status

Shows the status of the vacuum system. The vacuum system can have the statuses that follow:

  • Vacuum Disabled
  • No Vacuum
  • Vacuum Starting
  • Vacuum Vacuum Statuses

Last modified: September 5, 2023