Terminal Page

The Terminal page allows the user to manually input program codes and see the feedback from the machine.

Terminal Page

  1. Terminal Input
  2. Terminal Output
  3. Autoscroll

Terminal Input

Program Code Keyboard Touch or click on this field to input Program Codes using a keyboard and then press Enter. When using the GUI on the machine, a popup keyboard will appear to allow the user to input a command.

The popup keyboard only contains characters that are accepted in the terminal.

Terminal Output

Terminal Output Shows the entered program codes and feedback from the machine. The user can scroll up or down to view the historical output.


Autoscroll Touch or click on this button to toggle terminal output autoscroll feature.

  • Enabled: the terminal output automatically scrolls to the most recent line.
  • Disabled: the terminal output window does not automatically scroll.

Last modified: January 25, 2023