Health, Safety & Environment (HS&E)


The following information provides the customer with a Health, Safety and Environment guideline.

Personal Protective Equipment

All personnel must wear the following safety equipment when operating and/or maintaining the AON3D.

Qty Description Specification
1 Safety Eyewear N/A
1 Safety Footwear N/A


The AON-M2 is an open materials platform. As such, AON3D cannot make any general claims regarding environmental safety as customers are free to use the material of their choice. AON3D strongly urges to consult with material manufacturers and/or perform their own safety tests to determine appropriate ventilation and required safety gear when operating the AON-M2 with their chosen material(s).

Ambient Operating temperatures

The AON-M2 operates in an ideal environment of 15°C to 25°C (59°F to 77°F).

Ambient Humidity

The relative humidity environment is 30-70%, non-condensing.

Other Environmental Considerations

Do not operate the AON-M2 in areas where electromagnetic interference (EMI) or radio-frequency interference (RFI) are present. Failure to comply may result in personal injury and/or damage the machine.

Examples of EMI and RFI are, but not limited to:
• High-powered radio devices
• Industrial motors
• Power line towers
• Microwave ovens

It is the sole responsibility of the customer to comply with all their local, regional, state, or national regulations that may apply specifically to their given situation.

Last modified: June 2, 2021