Interfacing with the AON-M2 is done using either the human-machine interface (HMI) touchscreen or via a web browser on your local area network (LAN). However, all files must be uploaded via a modern browser and a network connection between a workstation and the AON-M2 is required for use. Please note that the network can be air-gapped from the wide area network, and traffic to AON3D servers is not a requirement for use.

AON3D and the AON-M2 do not support legacy browsers. The web client utilizes modern browser functionality such as WebSockets and WebGL, so using an up-to-date browser such as Firefox, Google Chrome, or Microsoft Edge is required.

The AON-M2 can connect to a LAN via WiFi or RJ45 Ethernet. Internet access will be required to:

  • Access certain AON3D features
  • Access AON3D software updates
  • AON3D technical support.

If restrictions exist which limit the AON-M2 to a network with internet access, please reach out to our Customer Success team at to make separate arrangements to allow for regular software updates and the ability for us to provide technical support.

More information on connecting the AON-M2 to a network can be found in the Network Connection section of the Installation Instructions.

Slicing Software

The only official 3D slicing software endorsed by AON3D is Simplify3D®.

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The customer is free to use the 3D slicing software of their choice. However, AON3D cannot guarantee the print quality other than with the use of Simplify3D® and we will be unable to assist with your overall success with the AON-M2.

Last modified: June 10, 2021