Simplify3D is the official slicer for AON3D products and was chosen for its speed, flexibility, and granular support structure control.

AON3D will provide documentation on how Simplify3D’s various features are specifically applied to the AON-M2. However, we recommend that you get started by reading through the slicer official documentation.

FFF Profiles

We provide our profiles using the Simplify3D FFF format. To make use of these profiles, you will need to import them into your Simplify3D application. FFF files and instructions for importing can be found in the Materials section. When making modifications to print profiles, start with one of the basic material profiles from this documentation portal as they contain the default settings required for printing with the AON-M2.

Process Parameters

This guide will detail the options available in the process settings module of Simplify3D. This guide is based on Simplify3D version 4.0.0.

As you go through this guide, take note of certain “set-and-forget” parameters which are common to any print done on the AON-M2. By and large the most common print errors and support issues can be traced back to one of the default AON-M2 settings not being set properly.

Each section covers one tab of the process settings module, and this guide will explain what each setting does as well as how to modify them as required.

Like CAM programming, slicing is a learned skill and it will take some time before you achieve proficiency. Limited support for slicing is available to all customers through our support channels - for more in-depth support, our premium support plans give you access to our in-house operations and R&D teams on a consulting basis to help you with your specific projects.


  1. Slicer Setup
  2. Extruder Tab
  3. Layer Tab
  4. Additions Tab
  5. Infill Tab
  6. Support Tab
  7. Temperature Tab
  8. Cooling Tab
  9. G-Code Tab
  10. Scripts Tab
  11. Speeds Tab
  12. Other Tab
  13. Advanced Tab

Last modified: February 21, 2020