Program Codes Cheat Sheet

The G-code and M-code commands used on the AON3D machines are listed below.

For detailed guide on the use of the commands that follow, refer to the detailed instructions at Program Codes Guide. This guide is intended as a memory aid for users already familiar with machine operating processes.

G-code and M-code inputs are case-sensitive: Make sure to capitalize the G and/or M. The Graphical User Interface (GUI)/web browser will alert the user if an incorrect command is entered. An incorrect command will be ignored, but will not stop an active print.

Command Description
G4 Dwell
G28 Home Axes
T0/T1 Select Active Toolhead
M0 Pause
M104 Set Hot End/Build Chamber Temperature
M108 Resume
M109 Set Hot End/Build Chamber Temperature and Wait
M114 Current Position
M115 Firmware Information
M119 Endstop Status
M140 Set Bed Temperature
M190 Set Bed Temperature and Wait
M218 Set Toolhead Offsets
M290 Z-Axis Offset Adjustment
M301 Set PID Parameters
M303 PID Autotune
M411 Stop Dwell
M420 Bed Leveling Configuration Management
M500 Save to EEPROM
M501 Restore from EEPROM
M502 Reset EEPROM
M503 Report Current Configuration

Last modified: September 5, 2023