Slicer Setup

If you have not already, install Simplify3D® on your computer. Each Simplify3D® license gives two (2) floating seats. Should you require additional licenses, contact

Simplify3D® lists minimum system requirements to run their software. Additional RAM has the greatest impact on software performance.

If you have not received a copy of your Simplify3D® license yet, contact

Refer to Machine Identification for information on how to identify your machine model.

Once Simplify3D® is installed and opened for the first time, you will be faced with a configuration wizard.

  1. Select Other when prompted. S3D Step 1

  2. Fill out the values as shown in the photo below.

    S3D Step 2

    S3D Step 2

    S3D Step 2

    Although the machine only has two extruders, a third is setup to control the chamber temperature.

  3. Click Finish. S3D Step 3

  4. When the default user interface opens up, navigate to Tools > Options, and change the Speed Display Units to mm/s. Speed Display Units

  5. Download the AON-M2 High Temperature Build Plate or AON M2+ Vacuum Chuck STL file.

  6. Select the Machine tab and click the Add button under Printer Models. Select the build plate STL from your downloaded files. Add High Temp Build PLate

  7. Select the Visualization tab, uncheck Include build table in virtual environment. Visualization Tab

  8. Select OK to save the changes that were made. Build Plate in S3D

  9. Follow the Quick Start guide to start your first print.

Simplify3D® have their own set of user documentation available here. Not all the advice given may be applicable as the AON-M2 has features unavailable on any other 3D printer. We recommend using their guide to become familiar just with its user interface.

As always, contact us at if you need further information.

Last modified: September 5, 2023