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AON-M2 Machine Setup

Your new AON-M2 3D printer ships by freight and weighs over 250kg when fully packaged. We highly recommend that you have at least two, preferably three people perform the entire setup process.

We recommend you take time to review the full setup instructions before getting started to familiarize yourself with the process.

Upon arrival, please inspect to see if there are any signs of mishandling or damage on the external packaging. Please document any egregious signs of damage and send to


The M2 has wheels whereas pallets do not. Be sure to remove the outermost packaging and take the unit off the pallet first to make maneuvering easier.


Estimated time: 20 minutes

1. Remove outer packaging

Cut the tie-down straps that secure the box to the pallet underneath, and remove the outer packaging. If the ceiling height permits, lift the box over the top of the unit to remove. Otherwise, use box cutters to cut along one of the corners horizontally to unwrap.


Be careful - the straps are under high tension and may lash out unexpectedly when cut.

2. Prepare off-loading ramp

The package includes a wooden ramp to unload the printer from its pallet. The ramp should be placed next to the pallet such that the printer can be unloaded sideways.

3. Move your M2 into position

Remove the protective packaging from the M2.

There are four casters, one at each corner of the machine. Open the machine door to access the front two casters and raise the feet by turning the screw clockwise. Carefully push the unit off the pallet on to the off-loading ramp and unload to the floor.

Move the unit to its final location.


If you have not already, please see our facilities requirements to understand where your AON-M2 should be installed.

Once the machine is in its final location, lower the caster feet by reaching under the unit and turning the adjustment screw counter-clockwise.

If the floor is uneven, you may optionally use a spirit level to keep the unit level. Alternatively, you can also find an app for your phone which uses the accelerometer to achieve the same effect.

4. Remove internal packaging and contents

Box Contents
A Cooling Circuit
B Filament Circuit
C Toolkit
D Accessories - Build Plate
E Accessories - Other
F Materials

Each box also contains a packing list - make sure to cross-reference the actual contents with the packing list and please contact us at if anything is missing.

4.1 Box A

All the components required for the cooling circuit.

Item Quantity
⅜" ID PVC tubing, 200mm 2
⅜" ID PVC tubing, 300mm 1
Radiator Assembly 1
Cooling Pump Assembly 1
Electrical Harness 1
Coolant concentrate 1
Funnel 1

4.2 Box B

Filament spool holders and filament runout detector.

Item Quantity
Spool Bracket - A 2
Spool Bracket - B 2
Spool Holder Rod Assembly 2
Filament Detector Assembly 2
Filament Detector Harness 1

4.3 Box C

Optional toolkit for operation and light maintenance tasks.

Item Quantity
Available soon as ordered

4.4 Box D

Build plate, build surfaces, other related accessories.

Item Quantity
Build Plate 1
Build surfaces (optional) as ordered

4.5 Box E

Cables, other optional spares and accessories, documentation.

Item Quantity
Master packing list 1
Factory QC checklist 1
QC Verification Print 1
AC power cord with GFI protection 1
USB A to B cable 1
Nozzle spares (optional) as ordered
Hot end spares (optional) as ordered
Nozzle wiper spares (optional) as ordered

4.6 Box F

Starter spools (ABS), other materials optionally purchased with the M2. Depending on order size, materials may ship separately.

Item Quantity
White ABS, starter spool 1
Black ABS, starter spool 1
Other Materials (optional) as ordered

last updated: 31/07/18