Frequently Asked Questions


This section covers the most frequently asked questions in regards to AON3D and its products. Click on the question to show the answer.

Build Plates & Bed Adhesion

How can I improve my first layer adhesion?
How do I apply the Nano Polymer Adhesive to my build surface?
There is a film on my build sheet. Should I remove it?
Can I print PEKK on the low-temperature build plate?
My High-Temperature Build Plate has cracks in it. Should I be concerned?
How do I select the right build plate?
Do I use Kapton® tape on my High-Temperature Build Plate?
Can I use my own build surface?
Can I print directly onto an aluminum build plate?
Why is it difficult to remove high-temperature materials from my build plate?


What is the expected lifetime of a heater block assembly?
What types of lubricants should I use on my AON3D machine?
What kind of regular maintenance does AON3D recommend?
How do I remove a clog from a nozzle?
Can I change the nozzle size on my hot end assembly?
My print is shifting. How do I inspect the X-axis motor for pulley slipping?
My heatbreak is bent/broken. Can I replace this component?
How do I remove a broken heatbreak from my cooling block?
Does AON3D have a recommendation for a UPS?
Does the AON-M2 line support adding a part cooling fan?
Does AON3D have a recommendation for remote print monitoring?
Does AON3D have recommendations for ventilation?
How can I cool my inactive toolhead during a dual toolhead print?


Why is filament quality essential and how can I choose a high-quality filament?
Does AON3D have a recommended filament drying solution?
Does AON3D have a recommendation for storing filament when not used?
Can I print PLA on my AON3D printer?
Is there a .fff profile for PLA?

Software & Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Can I use CURA to slice my parts?
My GUI reads “Probe triggered at mm”. How do I fix this?
Can I manually change the date and time on the user interface?
What M-codes and G-codes can I use from the terminal and description?


How can I pay for my order?
My tilt indicator was triggered when I received my printer. What do I do?
Who founded AON3D?
How do I purchase an AON M2+?
How do I purchase filament, accessories and spare parts?
Where do you ship?
Do you offer support plans?
How do I reach your PR team?
Are you looking for new talent?
How do I get support for my AON-M2?

Last modified: April 9, 2024