Filament, Spares & Accessories


The quality and printability of the below thermoplastic filaments have been verified and tested on the AON-M2. As an open materials platform, we are always looking to add to the list, and will add more filaments as we test them.

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Part Number Materials Supplier
C-000698 / C-000699 ABS (Black / White) AON3D Readyprint™
C-000696 Carbon Fiber ABS AON3D Readyprint™
C-000697 ESD ABS AON3D Readyprint™
C-000700 ASA AON3D Readyprint™
C-000701 HIPS AON3D Readyprint™
C-000702 PC AON3D Readyprint™
C-000703 PEI 9085 AON3D Readyprint™
C-000705 PEKK-A AON3D Readyprint™
C-000707 / C-000708 PETG (Black / White) AON3D Readyprint™
C-000706 Carbon Fiber PETG AON3D Readyprint™
C-000709 PPSU AON3D Readyprint™
C-000710 92A TPU AON3D Readyprint™
FIL-DSM-NYL-CF-1000 Addigy® F1030 CF10 (CF PA) Covestro
C-000850 PA 0600 (Gray) Jabil
C-00085 / C-00086 PA 4500 (White / Blue) Jabil
C-000674 PA 4535 CF (CF PA) Jabil
FIL-SOL-PEEK-NAT-1000 KetaSpire® MS NT1 (PEEK) Solvay
FIL-SOL-PEEK-CF-1000 KetaSpire® CF10 LS1 (CF PEEK) Solvay
FIL-ASY-SUP-120-1000 AquaSys®120 Infinite Material Solutions
C-000235 AquaSys®180 Infinite Material Solutions
C-000902 ThermaX™ MTS1 Medium-Temp 3DXTECH
C-000771 ThermaX™ HTS2 High-Temp 3DXTECH
C-000916 TenneT PI Tectonic3D
C-000091 AM™ 200 (PAEK) Victrex

Spares and Accessories

Official common AON3D machine spare parts and accessories.

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All Machines

Part Number Description
M2-SUB-HOT-END-HTR-BLK-0.2-R01 Heater block assembly with 0.2 mm hardened steel nozzle installed
M2-SUB-HOT-END-HTR-BLK-0.25-R01 Heater block assembly with 0.25 mm hardened steel nozzle installed
M2-SUB-HOT-END-HTR-BLK-0.3-R01 Heater block assembly with 0.3 mm hardened steel nozzle installed
M2-SUB-HOT-END-HTR-BLK-0.4-R01 Heater block assembly with 0.4 mm hardened steel nozzle installed
M2-SUB-HOT-END-HTR-BLK-0.6-R01 Heater block assembly with 0.6 mm hardened steel nozzle installed
M2-SUB-HOT-END-HTR-BLK-0.8-R01 Heater block assembly with 0.8 mm hardened steel nozzle installed
M2-SUB-HOT-END-HTR-BLK-1.0-R01 Heater block assembly with 1.0 mm hardened steel nozzle installed
M2-SUB-HOT-END-HTR-BLK-1.2-R01 Heater block assembly with 1.2 mm hardened steel nozzle installed
A-000268 M2 Hot End HTR BLK Sub-Assy - Tungsten Carbide Nozzle - 0.4 mm
A-000269 M2 Hot End HTR BLK Sub-Assy - Tungsten Carbide Nozzle - 0.6 mm
K-0999-004 Nozzle Wiper and Brush Spares Kit
A46067D6 High-Performance Liquid Coolant - Blue, 700ml
8F246E4F Nano Polymer Adhesive (Applied Adhesion Aid)

AON M2+ (CE), AON M2+ (R-NZ) and AON M2+

Part Number Description
P-0610-024 Build Sheet, PEI
P-0610-023 Build Sheet, Polycarbonate
P-0610-004-R01 Build Sheet, Carbon Fiber PEEK
P-000456 Build Sheet, Garolite

AON-M2 2020 and AON-M2

Part Number Description
M2-SUB-BUILD-PLATE-HT High Temperature Build Plate
K-R-M2-SUB-BUILD-PLATE-HT High Temperature Build Plate (Refurbished)
M2-SUB-BUILD-PLATE-KPT Aluminum Build Plate with Kapton® Surface
ACC-KPT-6-0.0035-15 7648A728 Polyimide Tape (Kapton), 6" wide, 0.0035" thk,15’ Roll

Last modified: March 7, 2024