SuperSlicer Changelogs

Version 1.2 (latest release)

v1.2 SuperSlicer Configuration file
Release Date: October 2023

New material added:

  • Tectonic3D TenneT PI

Version 1.1

v1.1 SuperSlicer Configuration file
Release Date: October 2023


  • Added commands to cool the bed and chamber at the end of a print
  • Improved print settings for soluble and breakaway supports
  • Improved handling of T1-only prints
  • Clearer file name format for generated G-code files
  • Thumbnails for G-code files are generated by SuperSlicer
  • Fixed small layer height bugs in Print profiles
  • Improved top surface quality
  • Improved handling of layer height and nozzle size selection
  • Corrected chamber temperature settings on several materials

New materials added:

  • Jabil PA 0600
  • Jabil PA 4500
  • Victrex AM™ 200

Improved tool change behavior:

  • Moved control of tool change behavior to Filament profiles to allow for customization per-material.
  • Users can now specify the toolchange temperature to cool the idle hot end (Filament settings > Multimaterial > Toolchange temperature).
  • Users can specify the length and speed of the material purge/prime when switching to a new tool (Filament settings > Custom G-code > Start G-code, line 2).

The hot end cooldown and purging settings have been updated per-material. Materials generally not requiring a cooldown while idle have the temperature commands commented out, so they are easily available in the case they are necessary for a specific print.

Version 1.0

v1.0 SuperSlicer Configuration file
Release Date: July 12th, 2023

Initial release.

Last modified: April 9, 2024