Program Codes


AON3D machines use a firmware based off of the popular Marlin firmware project. Many of the G-code and M-code commands are similar in functionality, but with subtle, yet important differences.

Refer to the Program Codes Guide for details on all G-code and M-code commands used to operate the AON3D machine.

While it is not necessary to be familiar with all the details of G-code and M-code for day-to-day usage, the aspiring power-user will find it invaluable to develop a solid grasp of the fundamentals for developmental work, detailed optimization, or advanced troubleshooting.

A Word on Slicer Software

The use of a slicer other than SuperSlicer or Simplify3D® to generate .gcode files can cause unintended bugs/errors that can cause a print to be unsuccessful and/or can cause damage to the AON3D machine.

AON3D supports the use of SuperSlicer and Simplify3D® to generate .gcode files. However, the user is free to use a slicing software of their choice. For an overview on how to use Ultimaker Cura with the AON3D, refer to Ultimaker Cura guide.

To reduce the risk of bugs, make sure that the .gcode files generated by other slicers:

  • Only contains commands found on the Program Codes Guide.
  • Do not contain blank lines in the middle of the file.
  • The last line of the file must contain a carriage return.
  • All G-code and/or M-code commands must start with a capital G and M.

Last modified: March 7, 2024