Power Requirements

The customer is responsible to make sure that all necessary electrical work is done by a licensed electrical contractor in accordance to their local laws and/or regulations.

Required Electrical Specifications, Hylo™

Specification Value
Voltage 208-240 VAC, 1-phase (L1, L2/N)
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Current 50.0 Amp
Power Cord 3.05 m (120 in) cable, bare wires (integrated)

There is no plug for the Hylo™. The integrated power cable for the Hylo™ ends with bare wires.

AON3D recommends a 50 A circuit breaker to satisfy both the overcurrent protection and supply disconnecting requirements below.

Warning - Required Disconnect Means
A supply disconnecting device shall be provided for the Hylo™ machine, for example:
• a switch-disconnector, with or without fuses, in accordance with IEC 60947-3, utilization category AC-23B or DC-23B.
• control and protective switching device suitable for isolation, in accordance with IEC 60947-6-2.
• a circuit-breaker suitable for isolation in accordance with IEC 60947-2.
• any other switching device in accordance with an IEC product standard for that device and which meets the isolation requirements and the appropriate utilization category and/or specified endurance requirements defined in the product standard.
Warning - Required Overcurrent Protection
An overcurrent protection device must be provided for the Hylo™ machine, either a fused device or a circuit breaker.

Air Compressor Requirements

The Hylo™ is equipped with a 3/8″ NPT female inlet and requires a compressed air source.

AON3D recommends sizing the air compressor as follows:

  • 75-135 PSIG
  • 1.0 CFM for continuous use
  • <50°C (122°F)

Last modified: June 7, 2024