Power Up the Machine

Model [] Hylo.01
Category [] Installation [ ] Operation [ ] Maintenance


The procedure that follows gives instructions on how to power ON the AON3D Hylo™ machine.

Estimated time: 15 minutes


None required.

Parts Information

None required.

Personal Protective Equipment

Qty Description Minimum Specification
1 Safety Eyewear ANSI/ISEA Z87.1

Install Power Cord

Power Up - Rear Components Power Up - Power Cord

  1. Remove the lower rear panel (1). Refer to the Remove Body Panels page.
  2. Cut the cable tie securing the power cord to the machine frame.
  3. Remove the power cable from the machine.
  4. Install the lower rear panel. Refer to the Remove Body Panels page.
  5. Connect power to the machine (2) from the local supply disconnecting device. Refer to the Power Requirements page.

Install Compressed Air Supply

Compressed Air Fitting

  1. Refer to the Power Requirements for compressor sizing information.
  2. Insert the male connector into the 3/8 in NPT fitting (3) at the back of the machine.

Power-Up the Machine

Power Up - Main Disconnect Power Up - Front Components

  1. Turn the main disconnect button (4) in the ON (1) position.
  2. Turn the machine main power ON at the ON/OFF switch (5) found on the front panel.
  3. Release the E-stop button (6).


  • Is the machine powered ON?
  • Do the cold plenum enclosure fans run?
  • Are the build chamber lights powered ON?
  • Is the Graphical User Interface (GUI) powered ON and loaded with the AON3D logo?

Reach out to our Customer Success team at help@aon3d.com if there are any questions in regards to the installation procedure.

Last modified: June 7, 2024