Preventive Maintenance


To keep the machine in good operation, and to extend its service life, AON3D recommends the maintenance schedule that follows.

Preventive Maintenance Plan

The schedule that follows is based on an average print time of 60 hours a week at a chamber temperature of 180°C or less.
A higher frequency of maintenance will be needed when the machine operates consistently at high temperatures and with a high number of printing hours. The frequency at which preventive maintenance is performed will vary on the factors that follow:
• Print and/or travel speeds.
• Hot end and/or build chamber temperatures.
• Number of toolheads used.

Task Quarterly Biannually Yearly
Empty Purge Bin
Inspect and Adjust XY-Axes Belt Tension
Clean and Inspect Vacuum Chuck Seals
Replace Wiper Brushes and Wiper Blades
Clean Cold Plenum Fans
Clean Vacuum Pump Filter
Inspect Air Dryer Filters
Clean Camera Windows
Inspect and Clean Vacuum Chuck Components
Replace Vacuum Chuck Seal
Clean Filament Feed Components

Last modified: May 6, 2024